There is nothing better than a real experience to get the chemistry going between a brand, people and the organisation.

Experience the power of a motivational campaign. Set up a dialogue with your target audience before, during and after the event.

Create real interaction on your exhibition stand and deploy the latest technology.

Feel the vibe of hybrid events - the world where online en offline meet.

Tickle the audience with an incentive and reward loyalty.


Bettonville, it’s all about experience

Always a creative, realistic concept that fits the mission and vision of your organisation like a glove


Bettonville is creative and innovative and will always present you with a proposal that is in line with your organisation’s character and culture. It is the result of careful listening, observation and empathy - but most of all because it has your goals in mind. Because we want the best ROI for you.







How can you best learn about a product

or brand?

Almost 90% chooses: ‘an event’.

Products and services more and more often are presented as an experience. Because in this fast moving, digital world the only way to get attention is by making people curious. By building a relationship, by being authentic, by giving a genuine experience.

Events where can meet live or online are the catalyst in realizing your objectives: more attention, loyalty, credibility, knowledge or sales.

A recent large survey contained the question: “How can you best learn about a product or brand?” Of the marketers and managers almost 90% chose 'an event’. 

Why Bettonville?


Bettonville differentiates itself by an energetic, personal approach and a mix of creativity, technical knowledge and business insight. Listening very well, getting quickly to the essence of the question and presenting a creative concept that is guaranteed to work.



In the past 25 years Ellen Bettonville has been responsible for over 1.500 (international) events. She is one of the founders of IDEA, the Dutch Event Association, and has been judging several cases on creativity and professionalism. She has invested heavily in the continuous professional and creative growth of the ‘live communication’ industry.


Are you looking for an expert in experience and (hybrid) events, just like ABB, Heineken, Cisco Systems and KPN before you?

Call, mail or Skype me for a personal introduction or brainstorm session. Our first meeting is ‘on the house’.


What customers say about Bettonville



"Ellen is a great sparring partner and gladly shares her ideas and knowledge on ROI, online events, relation events, special events and incentives."


“She is a true professional with interesting, creative ideas. She uses her optimistic, energetic way of working to create the best results, for everyone involved!"

"Ellen has a ‘willing to learn’ mentality resulting in up to date knowledge of all the newest and best in her industry. For us she is all about thinking and doing, about quality, safety and a carefree organisation."

A selection of clients

@2014 Ellen Bettonville